Why an Apprenticeship ?

Just left school? University not appeal?

Unsure about your next step? Keen to start your career as soon as possible? Ahead of the rest?

An Apprenticeship could be the answer, presenting you with the best of both worlds. The opportunity to gain a recognised qualification together with valuable real-world workplace skills and experience.

And all the time you’re learning, you’re earning.

Find out more about our Apprenticeships from Natalie, Aaron, Emma-Jo and Charles.

Why an Apprenticeship

Why NNL ?

There is no other organisation in the UK quite like NNL for only NNL encompasses the complete fuel cycle – from concept and design, through management and support, to decommissioning.

As a result, and with the Government committed to support nuclear and align the UK as a leading civil nuclear energy nation, NNL needs a new generation of people.

We need young, dynamic people with a broad range of educational backgrounds and skills to work in all areas throughout the nuclear lifecycle.

Why an Apprenticeship with NNL

Where could an Apprenticeship with NNL lead?

An Apprenticeship will help you build a long-term career in the nuclear industry.

Of all the people that have embarked on one of our Apprenticeships, an impressive 95% have progressed into full-time employment with their employer.

You might be working in any area of the fuel cycle, in the UK or abroad. You might be working in innovative new nuclear developments, or you might be working in another sector completely, and your transferable skills will be high in demand.

Which all goes to show that an Apprenticehsip with NNL is a great launch pad for a successful career in nuclear.

Where could an Apprenticeship Lead

In a word, drive.

We know that you will have a good level of academic intelligence when you apply, but we’re looking for more.

We are investing in our global future and take our responsibility to the growth of the nuclear industry very seriously. We are therefore looking for like-minded, ambitious people. NNL offers world-class training and the opportunity of a long-term career in nuclear.

Have you got the drive we’re looking for?

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Our Vision

“Our vision is to deliver the best nuclear science and technology solutions in the world.” To do this we have to have world-class people, working in world-class facilities, doing world-class work.

Paul Howarth, Managing Director NNL